Who Wants a Deal on a House?!?!

Everyone wants a deal!  Me too!  We all love getting a great price on anything....my wife is an excellent coupon/discount shopper and brags about the deals she gets at the local stores.  

In Real Estate it is my job to get you the best price on a house when you are buying a house....and for sellers, it is to price the home correctly to get it sold in a minimal amount of time, at the best price.  Every Seller wants the most they can get for their home, and every buyer wants to pay the least amount they can.

What does a good deal look like in the current real estate market in North Port, FL?  Anything below the average of what others are paying is a good deal in my book!  So what is the average?  Currently homes are selling for 97% of list price, on average in North Port.  Below is a graph that I generated that shows the Sale Price vs. the List Price for the last five years, just in North Port, FL.  I also cover Port Charlotte, Englewood, and Punta Gorda (with offices in all those towns)...so if you would like me to send you a graph for those cities...please let me know.  

People ask if I will submit a lowball offer for them.  The short answer...absolutely.  I never shy away from the chance to save people money.  Every situation is different though, and sometimes in a multiple offer situation (or something is new on the market and priced below market value) we need to act fast, and come in with a strong offer.  If you are looking for the perfect house in North Port, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, or Englewood...contact me & lets get you a DEAL!

sale price vs list price in north port fl